Scatterbrained: The Past Couple of Months

It’s been a long few months, full of tons of ups and downs. That’s nothing out of the ordinary – everybody in the world deals with roller coasters of events in their lives. It always gets a little crazy once everything starts to hit at once; both the goods and the bads. This post is going to be a little scatterbrained, but I just want to catch everything up for right now.

A small sneak peak at our wedding venue!

It’s the end of March. As far as good news goes, my fiancé, Gary, and I put down a deposit on our wedding venue. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect, just how we imagined the way we want our wedding to look. Our official date is November 16th, 2019. That’s all stuff I want to go over in another post though.


Preparations for haunt started in January, but this year, we’re trying to go hard. With plans in mind to revamp certain ideas and to make this haunt season a more successful one than the few years before, we’ve got so many things we’re going over and tons of brainstorming on the horizon. Meeting, after meeting, after meeting… So on and so forth until haunt officially begins, and then even more meetings by that point.

I’ve never won a match on Fortnite, but Gary did and wanted to make sure everybody knew about it!

On another note, my love of video games has been reinvigorated. Lately, I’ve been completely caught up on Fortnite, which makes sense, seeing as it’s one of the most popular games in the world right now. This game is completely taking the video game world by storm right now and rightfully so. Even though I haven’t yet actually won a match, my best match placing me at #3, I still enjoy trying to fight my way through each battle royale.


My most recent turn of events came in the form of some sort of back injury, one that we’re still trying to get to the bottom of. First I’m told it’s called piriformis syndrome. Basically, your piriformis is a muscle…in your buttcheek. Literally a pain in the ass, all puns intended.


So I was dealing with severe pain shooting from the left side of my lower back, to my piriformis, and a sharp pain and tingling going down my left leg. After the pain became unbearable even through painkillers and muscle relaxers, I got a second opinion from a different doctor, and he thinks I have some sort of spinal injury causing the syndrome. Long story short. So here we area, weeks later, waiting for my appointment for my scans to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, this means no bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, lifting, climbing…etc. So basically everything that consists of a normal day working in an auto body shop, meaning no work for this girl. That’s been the hardest part for me, having to constantly be reminded to take it easy and let people help me do basic things. Luckily Gary, our families, and all of our friends have been more than supportive and understanding through all of it.


Well, so yeah, that’s been my life for the past couple of months. I know it’s not a lot, but I do plan on making a comeback here on my blog and getting back into the groove of writing again. I’ve definitely missed it. So, until next time!

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