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How Pokemon Go Improved My Social Life

A couple years ago, my social life was always consisting of the same couple things; game nights, pizza, and the occasional walking around the mall. Exciting, I know, right? Wrong. Tons of nights included all of us sitting around, debating what we wanted to do, but never really getting around to it. Some friends loved to party on the weekends, others wouldn’t want to leave the house. Needless to say, my social life became really boring, really fast. Surprisingly, there’s one thing that came around that really helped; Pokemon Go.

Yes, I know. “Why does technology have to help with your social life?” Well, let me explain a few things first.

If you’ve never played Pokemon Go, then it’ll surprise you with just how much it really does impact you. We downloaded the app the day it came out, literally. We all had updates on our phone, so the minute the app hit the app store, we downloaded it immediately. Apparently, plenty of other people did too.

The entire point of the game is to get out and explore. Not all Pokemon are in one place, so you have to travel a bit to find different kinds of Pokemon. Well, we did, and still do. But it’ll never again be like that first month that the game was out.

Gary, who is my fiancé, and several other of our friends would go out to parks, beaches, mountains, campgrounds, lakes, you name it. We’d meet tons of other people playing Pokemon Go. We’d find a new Pokemon, and call out to all these other people playing. Our group would start to walk with another group, and soon enough, another group would join, and another, and another…

By the end of some nights, we were hanging out with 30+ newly found friends. Some we never heard from again, and others we still talk to today. There have been so many fun memories made, all thanks to this app.

We also had a lot of people who thought, “Oh, this trend will fade away. You guys will stop playing soon.” Over a year later… here we are.

Long Beach, California.

Just a couple weeks ago, we went out to The Pike in Long Beach, CA. It’s a beautiful spot near the Aquarium of the Pacific, and for us, there just so happens to be a ton of water-type Pokemon. Walking alongside the water, with the Queen Mary in sight, we caught tons of Pokemon and had fun doing it.

Irvine, California.

Or, how about the time we found the Walkable Historical Timeline in Irvine? Tons of fields, picnic tables, historical facts engraved on the cement, and even a cute carousel.

So yes, we’re lame, and our social lives have been so much more exciting since Pokemon Go came out. If you’re interested in trying it out, check out the Pokemon Go website here, and follow them on Twitter! This app is also available on both Android and Apple! Happy catching!

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