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My Love of Nintendo and Learning About Super Mario Maker

This past Friday, my mom got an invitation to a Nintendo event down in Los Angeles to learn all about Super Mario Maker. Unfortunately, she had a meeting she was unable to get out of, and wasn’t going to be able to make it. That’s where I come in! I was able to go cover for her, and I wrote a piece for her blog, as well as my own. If you want to go check out my mom’s blog, click here. She’s taught me everything I know about all this. 😉

Now onto this; I just want to talk about Nintendo for a few minutes… It’s my favorite. I grew up watching my two older siblings playing Nintendo, and then my younger brother and I caught on. Through the years, I always stay updated on everything up and coming Nintendo. I even have three various Nintendo tattoos, with more in the works. Crazy? Maybe a little bit. Dedicated? Absolutely.

My 22nd birthday just passed, and my family all chipped in to get me my own 3DS system. I’ve been playing it constantly, and have always been on the hunt for Super Mario Maker. My little brother owns it and has been raving about it for weeks now, so I had to give it a shot.

So because of all this, I spent my Friday afternoon down in LA to a Nintendo event, to talk to you guys about Super Mario Maker. I’m obsessed, to the extreme.

When I made it to the event, we immediately got to meet Mario himself! I was ecstatic to say the least.

Thankfully, when we walked into the room, they had tons of bean bags and their own 3DS systems all set up. So even though I didn’t own it, I got a chance to play and learn tips from a Nintendo team member. My favorite courses were always underwater because it provided more of a challenge, so getting to build my own is a blast.

And this Mario keychain I received? Adorable! It now has a permanent home on my car keys. That 3DS you see underneath would be my birthday present this year. I love the casing it came with!

Overall, the Nintendo event was such a great time. At the end of it all, everyone with our own 3DS system received a download code for the game. YAY! The hunt is over! I’ve been playing pretty much nonstop, and making courses for my fiancé to play as well. Maybe one of these days, he’ll get a turn to play.

Thank you Nintendo for such a fun day, and for Super Mario Maker itself!

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