Drugstore Products I’ve Repurchased

Everybody who is a lover of makeup has repurchased a number of products at any given point. I also really love drugstore makeup, as they’re all so cheap that you don’t mind giving them a shot. If I can save more than a couple bucks on a product that does end up working for me, I’m a very happy camper. Now, I’m basically a repetitive repurchase lover; time and time again, I’ve fallen in love with one product in particular, and it’ll never leave my side.

Now, as there are so many I’ve grown to love and repurchase, I won’t be able to put all of them in just one post. So instead, I guess we’ll just have to look forward to more of these posts in the future! With that said, let’s get to business on three of my favorite drugstore products that I’ve repurchased.


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Cost: $6.99

Purchased at: Target

Times repurchased: 4

This has easily become one of my favorite products I use. I use it mostly as a makeup remover, but I also started using it first thing in the morning if I need to freshen my skin, and also at night when I’ve noticed my skin is overly oily. Having oily skin, I always have to set my makeup and tend to use waterproof mascara. I simply soak a cotton pad with it, press it on my heaviest makeup, and swipe it away. It’s extremely gentle on my sensitive skin, and doesn’t leave my skin at all irritated like other products I’ve tried. Sometimes I still go back to a heavier makeup remover, on days where I’m wearing a heavier face, but for my more often days, this is perfect and exactly what I need. The most convenient part of it is you don’t need to rinse afterwards, like you do with most other makeup removers I’ve tried, and the price is great for how long this lasts me. Definitely a winner repurchase in my book!


NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Cost: $2.82

Purchased at: Target

Times repurchased: Countless times since I was 16 years old

Now this is a golden find that I’ve been using since I very first started getting serious with my makeup. This was one of the first products I really got hooked on, and I figured I’d grow out of it, but six years later, that still hasn’t happened. I’ve tried using other liquid eyeliners, but this always seems like the perfect eyeliner for my bold eye looks. It’s extremely pigmented and easy to apply. I’ve used higher end eyeliners that are so thin that you have to apply multiple layers to reach an opaque black, or felt tips that are just too difficult to apply. This NYC eyeliner is a thin brush tip, with a dark formula that you can brush on just once and it’s automatically a statement look. This is one of those drugstore finds that you won’t regret giving a chance. If you don’t believe me, this eyeliner costs less than $3, give it a shot and let me know what you think!


Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

Shade: 110 Porcelain, and I mix it with 112 Natural Ivory when I get more sun

Cost: $5.99

Purchased at: Target

Times repurchased: 2-3

Like I said earlier, I have very oily skin. I’ve gone through foundation after foundation trying to find one that works for my oily skin, while also trying to save a few dollars. I’ve gone through several drugstore brand foundations in the past couple years, and I always run into the same problems: By the end of the day, even with a good primer and setting routine, my foundation seems to separate, crease, melt, you name it. I come home looking ten years older since it sets into my natural lines and textures, and my glasses rub everything off. This is the one foundation I have tried so far that I don’t have any of those issues with. Paired with a good primer, I’ve noticed that I come home and none of my creases are filled with gunk, and my foundation still stays in place where my glasses are set. The coverage is about medium, which is perfect for me, because it helps even out my pink complexion without completely hiding all my freckles that I love. (Yes, I love my freckles!) It dries completely matte, but doesn’t soak into all the texture in my skin, making my face look overly dry and dull. I still set it with a powder because of how oily my skin is, but for someone with less oily skin, I would imagine you wouldn’t even need to set it. The formula doesn’t feel cakey on my skin at all either, which is a huge deal for me. Overall this has grown to be a top favorite product of mine, so thank you Maybelline for saving me with this foundation!


Each of these products, I did just so happen to buy at Target. That was not my initial plan, but I guess it works the same as when you go into Target meaning to buy a jug of milk, and walk out with everything else you didn’t really need…and ultimately forgot that jug of milk. I speak from experience on many occasions.

Are there any drugstore products you’ve found yourself repurchasing at all? If so, what are they? I’m always on the lookout for new items to try!

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