My Bullet Journal “Nightmare:” I’m a Mess

So I’m going to start this off with a funny story, about my imaginary bullet journal. Well, it wasn’t as funny at the time, but looking back on it, it’s funny.

About a week ago, I was hit with a creative storm. All I wanted to do was get organized – start a whiteboard with goals, write in a diary every night, and create a bullet journal. A lot of talk has been floating around about these journals, and I was automatically intrigued. Then I remembered that my fiancé had bought me this beautiful Legend of Zelda journal at GameStop just a couple weeks before that I hadn’t quite decided what to do with. It all made sense, that journal was perfect; I was going to start my beautiful, Instagram-worthy bullet journal.

Until my minor OCD tendencies kicked in, and I wrote my first name wrong – “Deon.” Can you believe that?  Who does that? My head dropped on my desk, my fiancé watching as I stared in disbelief. My beautiful journal was ruined.

Okay, I could fix this. I turned to the next page with my new black marker in my hand. If my name was messed up, then I could at least make the next page pretty.


The black marker bled through onto the next page. I also tried writing my index in pen and it was just…ugly. I gave up right then and there, as I hit my forehead with my botched journal. I had psyched myself up so much, and immediately crushed it all. No, it wasn’t a big deal to all, but to me, it ruined the entire journal. (Yes, I will still find some use for it eventually.)

The whole point of this story kind of relates back to how I feel about writing my first blog entry. Just like with my bullet journal, I’ve totally psyched myself up for so long to start this, and now I’m terrified to start. But taking some advice from Shia LaBeouf, I’m going to “just do it!” So this is my first post. I’m still in the midst of learning and getting everything adjusted just the way I like it, but that’s okay, everyone has to start somewhere.

As for my bullet journal goes, I still haven’t found the perfect journal for it. I have, however, been writing in my diary nightly, much to the fiancé’s liking, so I guess that’s a start too. Anyone have thoughts on how to get started on a bullet journal? Or even beginning blog tips? I’d love to get to know my readers!

One Commnet on “My Bullet Journal “Nightmare:” I’m a Mess

  1. I love that journal! I’m the same way, I hate to start the first comments in any planner. And sure enough, with good reason because I always mess up at least once. It’s not quite the same but then again, at least you’ve got the mistake behind you and you can stop worrying about it…maybe? haha My blogging advice is just to keep writing…all the time! 🙂

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