About Me

Hi! I’m Devon Paige, 22 years young, and constantly keeping myself busy with an odd variety of hobbies. Born and raised in Southern California, I have a big family that includes my mom, dad, and three siblings that I’m right in the middle of. I’m now happily engaged to a great guy, and we’re excited to be starting our wedding planning.

Growing up, I was always more of a tomboy, who enjoyed video games and playing outside more than playing with my sister’s barbies. Fast forward to now, I still love video games more than most things and have picked up an appeal of working on cars. I am a self-described “Nintendo fanatic,” but my love of video games goes far beyond that.

I’m a fan of everyday makeup, and I’m constantly learning more and trying new things. I also love to experiment with ‘SFX’ makeup, which has carried over into working in seasonal Halloween haunts. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Southern California has a multitude of haunts that I visit yearly.

Devon’s Paige is a lifestyle blog, dedicated to all of these subjects and so much more in sunny Southern California. I’m still learning and moving forward with so much. I hope you’ll stay a while and continue on this little ‘adventure’ with me!

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